The Divarco duo is the natural outcome of the desire of two fiddlers and friends to join their musical forces, come up with original arrangements and learn from each other. It was formed on the idea that two violins are powerful enough to deliver any musical message. Drawing on different musical traditions and techniques, Divarco wish to interpret and experiment on musical material from swing to modern jazz and from bluegrass to folk. Both Stergios and Chris have studied classical violin but have also walked along the Gypsy jazz and bluegrass paths playing in bands for many years.

Stergios Loustas

Stergios has been playing violin in the “Swingtime Quartet”, a Gypsy Jazz band based in Greece. He is also playing fiddle and banjo in the Train 45 bluegrass band, a 20 year-old group based in Greece that is dedicated to playing original bluegrass and old-time music. Stergios has studied music education in London, UK, and has his own blog at where you can read his articles on music education, music theory and learning.

Christos Kosides

Chris has been a founding member of the “Swing till you drop”, a Gypsy Jazz group that performed all around Greece for several years introducing the Gypsy Jazz idiom to wider audiences. He is a member of the experimental string group “Dot Quartet” and Gypsy Jazz group “Fable Quartet” both of which are based in the Netherlands. Chris has studied jazz violin and popular music at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg, Netherlands.